Jon Bradbury

  • Good morning all. Sorry I can’t make it today (Monday 12/2/18). I need the time to service my car ready for the MOT and today has the best weather forecast for working outdoors. See you all tomorrow as usual (Tuesday 13/2/18). All the best.

  • After getting quite a chill in the workshop on Wednesday and Friday I have spent the weekend nursing a terrible cold! With a view to recovering sufficiently to go to my Nan’s funeral on Wednesday, I wont be able to make it today. Unfortunately, this also means I wont be at the Maintenance Club either. Apologies to all and I hope to see you on…[Read more]

  • After being introduced to the SRAM “Snap Lock” chain link connector & some head scratching, I’ve discovered how to use them! I thought it was missing the retaining clip and was of the type often seen on single speed and BMX. To install, set the chain to the correct length. Put the plate with the 2 rivets in through both ends of the chain from…[Read more]

  • It’s easy for me to say because I live only 4 miles away, but Wednesday 13th of September is “National Cycle To Work Day”. Any takers?

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